Caitrin Hall grew up in a household whose motto was, “Food is Love.” She has put this tenet into practice working on a number of food and social justice projects, including the student-run garden at her college and field work at Elk Ravine Farm in Amenia, NY. Her anthropological training at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie NY and her transnational education with the International Honors Program: Beyond Globalization have inspired her to explore the links between local and global food production chains, ecological sensibility, and the quality of social life. She hopes to continue exploring the intersections of her favorite things: people, food, and being outside, forever!

Lake Buckley received a merit-based activism scholarship to Oberlin College in 2009 for her dedication to food justice.  While completing her Environmental Biology and Studio Art majors she petitioned successfully to build the first college-sanctioned campus garden.  Coming from an early education based in Aldo Leopoldian ethics, she believes in the transformative power of earth based education and awesomeness of delicious fresh food. 


David Orr is a nationally acclaimed author of seven books and a Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies/Politics. He has served on the board of the Rocky Mountain Institute, Bioneers and the Aldo Leopold Foundation and a contributor to the New Economic Institute and World Watch Foundation.

David Orr

Amigo Bob Cantisano

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Dr. Gail Myers

Over 30 years of dedicated organic farming has made Amigo Cantisano one of the most influential figures in California’s organic farming circles. He helped start the Committee for Sustainable Agriculture, which sponsors the Ecological Farming Conference held annually in Pacific Grove California (cited by the NY Times as being one of the “most important annual events in the world of organic farming.”[1]). In addition to creating the Organic Ag Advisors, as well as other influential organizations, Amigo is extensively connected nationally to organic farmers and has been a huge help in plotting our course across the country.

Environmental Activist who Founded and Directs the Greenhorns organization that works nationally to support and recruit young farmers. Fleming co-founded the National Young Farmer’s Coalition and directed the documentary the Greenhorns. Fleming’s extensive involvement with young farmers has been a huge source of support for us. She has never hesitated in giving us feedback and facilitating connections with farming communities.

Dr. Gail Myers is a widely respected researcher of the Anthropology of African American Farming. She is also the founder of Farms to Grow, Inc., and Sustainable Lands Planning & Research. Myers lectures primarily on various topics related to the Anthropology and History of African American farming. In 2001, Dr. Myers organized the first statewide conference for African American farmers in Ohio. The conference, “Sustaining Community: Ohio’s Black Farmers at the Crossroads,” succeeded in raising the awareness throughout Ohio of the concerns of black farmers statewide and nationally. Dr. Myers is currently working to document the traditional knowledge and adaptations of African-American farmers.​