The Shifting Gears Project layers dialogue, the documentation of alternative food systems, the female perspective, and bicycle transportation as inter-related mechanisms for change towards a more just, peaceful, and compassionate food system.

We want to hear more from women about the most important issues of our time: our broken industrial food complex. We believe we have a lot to learn from women about how to foster true resilience, how to live on a finite planet, how to consume less and share more, how to foster compassion and courage, and finally, how to wake up and engage with present daunting realities. Therefore we are interested in localized practices implemented by women food producers who embody ways of thinking and being that counter the dominant practice of industrial food production. We seek to understand ways that women are cultivating alternative means of food production that respect the inherent value of biotic systems and future generations.

We are interested in specifically the perspective of women farmers: a population that has grown 30% since 2002. We are curious to hear the stories of this growing agricultural community while supporting them and sharing their perspectives and knowledge. When our journey begins we will use this site to post videos and interviews of the change-makers we meet. We are excited to share the perspectives of entreprenuers, farmers, and activist interested in cultivating agricultural resilience, and we hope you are too!

Stay tuned in the upcoming months as we plot our route and connect with more farmers!

"it's not where you're going, it's how you get there." yvon chouinard 

3,000+ miles. 30 farms. 90 days.